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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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Hi Im Arun D. I m short listed for Karnatka bank interview. Can anybody share ur experiences regarding Bank interview of karnatka bank which was held on dec for Clerical post. Please help me I f u can. thanx in advance


What is fixed liabilities


bank exam paper


What is Free Cash?


I have complited my ERP course in FICO module. Now I want to work in ERP package. Please suggest me how I will apply for the organisation works in ERP environment.


Explain valuation methods of Normal and Abnormal loss


is advance against FD or RD is treated as NPA .if EMI is not in scheduled . or classification of npa as per day is is made from sanction date or last payment date of repayment . please suggest me


In Oracle Applications will Translation will create any journal entry then what is the journal entry what are the accounts affected


drawings by making a DD from bank ( suppose payable towards UIT ) and on cancellation on such DD what journal entry needs to be passed ?


i want the steps involved in the customization for the process order. my situations is if i take the process order for x qty then stores people can issue only x qty not less or not more. how to do this. pls help me


i am called for interview but im getting confused wt sort of questions i wd have to face,its a bank job and post is cash ofiicer please help me.


why gross profit transfering to profit & loss account


what is meant by virus


what is ZBA hold & balance hold in banking?


A company acquires new taxi fleets on 1April 2006 with intention to provide services during the World Cup period and thereafter dispose the taxis .The World Cup runs for three months to 30 June 2006.The company's year end is 30 June do you account for taxis at initial recognition .