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Answer / manikantan.s

Application outsourcing

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Answer /

assessment Order issued by tax Authorities

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Answer / mudunoori

Atomic Operation

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2 Answers  

Golden rule for Nomianal Account?

7 Answers   JPMorgan Chase,

Who are the Users of Financial Information

2 Answers  

fill in the Blanks A gift below __________from other than relatives will be exempted from income

3 Answers  

What is the difference between Depreciation charged in P&L a/c and the Depreciation deducted from Assets' value in Balance Sheet, in an accounting period?

2 Answers   ABC, Thomson Reuters,

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Principles of accounting with atleast one example for each.

3 Answers   Franklin Templeton,

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send me bank exams solved question paper

3 Answers   LIC,

Pls. advice the J.D of a re-imbursement Accountant

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What is the difference between balance sheet and profit and loss account?

9 Answers  

SIR, Tell me the which software useful for the accounting procees . what is difference is between the finacial accounting and mangemeting what are responsebilitys for a company .

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