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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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under what circumstances, a realisation account is prepared. tell all the situations

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If one person has been paid excess salary in particular month. In next month we want to deduct the excess given in last month what will be the entry, Assume: excess given 2227 This month details : Gross 20058, PF 780, PT 200, and net must be 16851 all effective figures must consider in entry

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expalin Revenue and profit

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what is Accounting Standers?


what is Capital WIP?

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what is the difference between intangible assets and fictious assets

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I need the diffnation of Gross profit and Net Profit, kindly brief. Thanking U.

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what is dividend? how do the use an accountancy?

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What is the difference between reserve and provision.



What is deferred revenue?


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Expand W E F

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Apportion Nett profit of rs 325600 among the partners A,B,C and D as per sharing ratios of 26%,13%,32% and the balance to D.Pass journal entry


What is the difference between Deffered Tax Assets & Deffered Tax Liabilities


You are given the following information in respect of a company: Fixed cost –Rs.13,000 Variable cost –Rs.14,000 Net profit –Rs.3,000 Net sales-Rs.30,000 Find out: a>BEP b>The profit for sales volume of Rs.50,000 c>The volume of sales to make a profit of Rs.10,000


is anybody attended interview in ernst&young for EMS PROCESS , pls let me know abt the written test and what type of report writing


how to mention last year profit of ay private limited company in current year balance sheet ?


Can u please give me example of bonds? is National savings certificate a Bond?


Breif notes about accounting standards


Short Answer on ______Budget


How can i get GR form (GR No.) for Exports ? please give me a link of website with steps ?


what is the process to return sales tax file?how can i prepared s.t. file?what should be qualification for it?


Erection and Instalation charges of Rs 7500 to Lift was debited to repairs and maintenance account. Rectify it


what is purchase tax in rajasthan.


after payment of interest of a loan account by using credit note voucher in tally 9........don't anyone thinks that we have to adjust the cash account by passing cr entry on journal for interest payment...


How do you plan to achieve these goals