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under what circumstances, a realisation account is prepared. tell all the situations

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If one person has been paid excess salary in particular month. In next month we want to deduct the excess given in last month what will be the entry, Assume: excess given 2227 This month details : Gross 20058, PF 780, PT 200, and net must be 16851 all effective figures must consider in entry

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expalin Revenue and profit

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what is Accounting Standers?


what is Capital WIP?

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what is the difference between intangible assets and fictious assets

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I need the diffnation of Gross profit and Net Profit, kindly brief. Thanking U.

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what is dividend? how do the use an accountancy?

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What is the difference between reserve and provision.



What is deferred revenue?


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Fiscal year variant F1 has 6 posting periods and fiscal year variant F2 has 4 posting periods. The posting have different start and ending dates.assign posting period variant F1 is assigned to leading ledger (0L) and F2 is assigned to the non-leading ledger(N1). You get an error message when making a posting in the non-leading ledger.?( any 1 answer) • The posting period variant of the non-leading ledger and the leading are different • The fiscal year variant of the non-leading ledger and the leading ledger are different • The posting is being made in a special period, but both variants are examples of a shortened fiscal year • The posting period for the non leading ledger group”N1” is closed


Suppose the production is more and sales less then what will happen


Expand RMP


Whether setting up of diary plants comes under CMA under Farm Sector or Non Farm Sector


Short Answer on __________Event


Distinguish capital and Revenue receipts


Short Answer on ___________Cash Profit


honararium for the month of march 2013 can be paid on 31 mar 2013


Can anyone plz. tell me where can i get the proforma application for DAO.I have tried all the links but i couldn't find any application proforma in the notifications.


how we could adj. the entries of prop. & firm in merging time


what is capital market and money market? what is primary market and secondary market?


Total numbers of companies listed on stock Exchange?


let me know the minimum Accounting Heads in an accounting system


hi, what type of questions are asked in capital iq interview .plz let me know. thanks... venkat...