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South Indian Bank Interview Questions
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Why profit is a liability and loss is an assets

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hi can any one plz tell me how will be the interview for clerical of state bank of hyderabad.urjenttttttttt

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Role of Finance Manager in matters of dividend policy? Alternatives and factors that you may consider before finalizing dividend policy?

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what is dividend? how do the use an accountancy?


can anybody tell me what questions should be expected in southindian bank clerk interview and PO's interview.i have qualified for both.

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Hi I am jasmine from Thrissur.I have interview on April 8 for SOUTH INDIAN BANK clerical post.If any one has already attended the interview,please share me theinterview questions..Please reply help to clear the intvw.And anybody knows that how many vacancies are there?


Hi,Can any body tell me the interview questions for south indian bank clerk? or atlest how to prepare for that.My interview is in 5th july can anyone help?


Sir Now Iam preparing for clerical exam of South Indian Bank. So Iam in need of South Indian Bank clerk question paper with answers. Kindly send me to my email id Thanking you..


How should I Prepare for SIB clerk exam? This is the first time Iam going to attend the Bank exam. Please help me for preparing. Where should I get the study material and Last years question with answers. If u have please provide me... Thanking you...

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Hi I cleared south indian bank clerk written test. I am B.Tech Graduate.. can any one guide me what type of questions will be asked in interview... how will be the interview... thanks in advance...

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