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how to get starting address of a running C program

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How to print "Hi World" without using semi colon?


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How to print "I Love My India" without using semi colon?

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What is Full Form of C and Why We use C

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I want tcs placement papers of 2004-2009 , its urgent

TCS, Wipro,

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what is pointer?

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second highest number in a given set of numbers


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to get a line of text and count the number of vowels in it

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number of times a digit is present in a number


to get a line of text and count the number of vowels in it


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what is the structure?


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Write a c program to print the sizes and ranges of different data types in c?

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Write a c program to demonstrate character and string constants?


Write a c program to demonstrate Type casting in c?

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Write a c program to read a positive number and display it in words.? ex: 123=one two three help me....

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how to solve "unable to open stdio.h and conio.h header files in windows 7 by using Dos-box software


c language interview questions & answer


What is mean by Data Driven framework in QTP? Can any one answer me in details on this regard.


1) There is a singing competition for children going to be conducted at a local club. Parents have been asked to arrive at least an hour before and register their children’s names with the Program Manager. Whenever a participant registers, the Program Manager has to position the name of the person in a list in alphabet order. Write a program to help the Program Manager do this by placing the name in the right place each time the Program Manger enters a name. The Logic should be written in Data Structures?


5 Write an Algorithm to find the maximum and minimum items in a set of ‘n’ element.


can we have joblib in a proc ?


write a program to reverse a every alternetive words in a string in a place. EX: Input is "this is the line of text" Output should be "shit is eht line fo text" Please any one tell me code for that.


plz let me know how to become a telecom protocol tester. thank you.


what is ur strangth & weekness


what do u mean by Direct access files? then can u explain about Direct Access Files?


write an interactive C program that will encode or decode a line of text.To encode a line of text,proceed as follows. 1.convert each character,including blank spaces,to its ASCII equivalent. 2.Generate a positive random integer.add this integer to the ASCII equivalent of each character.The same random integer will be used for the entire line of text. 3.Suppose that N1 represents the lowest permissible value in the ASCII code,and N2 represents the highest permissible value.If the number obtained in step 2 above(i.e.,the original ASCII equivalent plus the random integer)exceeds N2,then subtract the largest possible multiple of N2 from this number,and add the remainder to N1.Hence the encoded number will always fall between N1 and N2,and will therefore always represent some ASCII character. 4.Dislay the characters that correspond to the encoded ASCII values.  The procedure is reversed when decoding a line of text.Be certain,however,that the same random number is used in decodingas was used in encoding.


using only #include and #include Write a program in C that will read an input from the user and print it back to the user if it is a palindrome. The string ends when it encounters a whitespace. The input string is at most 30 characters. Assume the string has no spaces and distinguish between and lowercase. So madam is a palindrome, but MadAm is not a palindrome. Use scanf and %s to read the string. Sample Test: Enter a string: madam madam is a palindrome. Enter a string: 09023 09023 is not a palindrome.


how can i write a program that prints out a box such that whenever i press any key8(coordinate number) on the keyboard, the box moves.


write a program using linked list in which each node consists of following information. Name[30] Branch Rollno Telephone no i) Write the program to add information of students in linked list


#include { printf("Hello"); } how compile time affects when we add additional header file .