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what is the use of pointers

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How do we swap or interchange any 2 numbers without using Temporary variable...Anybody can pls answer it.. Thanks in Advance

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How to write a program for swapping two strings without using 3rd variable and without using string functions.

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why TCS selected more student in the software field from all institution.


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why you will give me a job in TCS.


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what are you see during placement time in the student.

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what are the facialities provided by you after the selection of the student.



how can be easily placed in TCS.



please give me some tips for the placement in the TCS.



please give me some tips for the selection in TCS.


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what is reason of your company position's in india no. 1.

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i want to job in your company, so how it will be possible.


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which type of aspect you want from the student.



what is meant by c


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send me the code of flow chart generator using C-programming language amd this code should calculate the time and space complexity of the given progran and able to generate flowchart according to the given program?



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int far *near * p; means


a number whose only prime factors are 2,3,5, and 7 is call humble number,,write a program to find and display the nth element in this sequence.. sample input : 2,3,4,11,12,13, and 100.. sample output : the 2nd humble number is 2,the 3rd humble number is 3,the 4th humble number is ,the 11th humble number is 12, the 12th humble number is 14, the 13th humble number is 15, the 100th humble number is 450.


Write a C program to count the number of email on text


cavium networks written test pattern ..


what is associativity explain what is the precidence for * and & , * and ++ how the folloing declaration work 1) *&p; 2) *p++;


The program will first compute the tax you owe based on your income. User is prompted to enter income. Program will compute the total amount of tax owed based on the following: Income Tax 0 - $45,000 = 0.15 x income $45,001 - $90,000 = 6750 + 0.20 x (income – 45000) $90,001 - $140,000 = 15750 + 0.26 x (income – 90000) $140,001 - $200,000 = 28750 + 0.29 x (income – 140000) Greater than $200,000 = 46150 + 0.33 x (income – 200000) Dollar amounts should be in dollars and cents (float point numbers with two decimals shown). Tax is displayed on the screen.


How to implement a packet in C


simple program of graphics and their output display


Device an algorithm for weiler-atherton polygon clipping, where the clipping window can be any specified polygon


design and implement a data structure and performs the following operation with the help of file (included 1000 student marks in 5 sub. and %also) 1.how many students are fail in all 5 subjects (if >35) 2. delete all student data those are fail in all 5 subjects. 3. update the grace marks (5 no. if exam paper is 100 marks) 4. arrange the student data in ascending order basis of marks. 5.insert double of deleted students with marks in the list.


show how link list can be used to repersent the following polynomial i) 5x+2


I have written a pro*C program to fetch data from the cursor. where in i have used the concept of BULK FETCH.... each FETCH statement is taking lots of time to fetch specified number of rows at...


write a c programming using command line argument,demonstrate set operation(eg;union,intersection,difference) example output is c:>setop 12 34 45 1 union 34 42 66 c:>setop 12 34 1 42 66 c:>setop 12 34 diff 12 56 67 78 setop 12 34


hi send me sample aptitude papers of cts?


how can i write a program that prints out a box such that whenever i press any key8(coordinate number) on the keyboard, the box moves.