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C Interview Questions
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What is the output of the following program main();{printf ("chennai""superkings"}; a. Chennai b. superkings c. error d. Chennai superkings

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#include void main() { String s1[]={"swathi"}; string s2[]={"maddimsetti"}; s1[]=s[]; printf("%s",s1[]); }


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how to write a cprogram yo get output in the form * *** ***** ******* ********* ******* ***** *** *

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main() { int i; for(i=0;i<5;i++) printf("%d",1l< 1 2031

how to find greatet of 10 numbers without using array?

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what is the use of ~ in c lang?????

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int main() { unsigned char a = 0; do { printf("%d=%c\n",a,a); a++; }while(a!=0); return 0; } can anyone please explain me output????

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1) int main() { unsigned char a = 0; do { printf("%d=%c\n",a,a); a++; }while(a!=0); return 0; } can anyone please explain the explain the output

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#include main() { int a[3]; int *I; a[0]=100;a[1]=200;a[2]=300; I=a; Printf(“%d\n”, ++*I); Printf(“%d\n”, *++I); Printf(“%d\n”, (*I)--); Printf(“%d\n”, *I); } what is the o/p a. 101,200,200,199 b. 200,201,201,100 c. 101,200,199,199 d. 200,300


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A MobileNumber is a VIP number if it satisfy the following conditions. The operator should be Vodafone. Atleast one 0 (Zero) should be exist in mobile number. The number should not end with 8. The single digit sum of all the digits in the number should be equal to 9. For example if the number is 9876543210, the sum is 9+8+7+...+1+0 = 45. Sum of 4+5 = 9. Write a method: private boolean isVIPMobileNumber(String mobileNum, String operator) mobileNum phone number operator mobile operator as bsnl, Vodafone

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main() { int *ptr=(int*)malloc(sizeof(int)); *ptr=4; printf("%d",(*ptr)+++*ptr++); }

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int array[]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}; #define SIZE (sizeof(array)/sizeof(int)) main() { if(-1<=SIZE) printf("1"); else printf("2"); }


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How to add two numbers without using semicolon n c????

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#‎include‬ void main() { int i; for(i=5;0;i++) { printf("%d",i); } }


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design and implement a data structure and performs the following operation with the help of file (included 1000 student marks in 5 sub. and %also) many students are fail in all 5 subjects (if >35) 2. delete all student data those are fail in all 5 subjects. 3. update the grace marks (5 no. if exam paper is 100 marks) 4. arrange the student data in ascending order basis of marks. 5.insert double of deleted students with marks in the list.



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Un-Answered Questions { C }

Write a program to generate the Fibinocci Series


How many keywords are there in c?


an expression contains relational operators, assignment operators, and arithmatic operstors. In the absence of parentheses, they will be evaluated in which of the following order a) assignment, relational, arithematic b) arithematic, relational, assignment c) relational, arithematic, assignment d) assignment, arithematic, relational


Explain how do you determine whether to use a stream function or a low-level function?


pgm to find number of words starting with capital letters in a file(additional memory usage not allowed)(if a word starting with capital also next letter in word is capital cann't be counted twice)


How can I write a function that takes a format string and a variable number of arguments?


What are derived data types in c?


What are the advantages of union?


What are the types of pointers in c?


cin.ignore(80, _ _);This statement a) ignores all input b) ignores the first 80 characters in the input c) ignores all input till end-of-line d) iteration


What are identifiers c?


What is pragma in c?


Which is the best website to learn c programming?


How many levels of indirection in pointers can you have in a single declaration?


What is the difference between typedef struct and struct?