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write a c program to find the largest and 2nd largest numbers from the given n numbers without using arrays



how to print the character with maximum occurence and print that number of occurence too in a string given ?



write c program to display output 10(10+20)+(10+20+30)+ ... n term

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write a c program to do the following: a) To find the area of a triangle. b) To convert the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius. c) To convert the time in hours : minutes : seconds to seconds.


why to assign a pointer to null sometimes??how can a pointer we declare get assigned with a garbage value by default???


what will be the output of this program? void main() { int a[]={5,10,15}; int i=0,num; num=a[++i] + ++i +(++i); printf("%d",num); }


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write a progrmm in c language take user interface generate table using for loop?


Write the program with at least two functions to solve the following problem. The members of the board of a small university are considering voting for a pay increase for their 5 faculty members. They are considering a pay increase of 8%. Write a program that will prompt for and accept the current salary for each of the faculty members, then calculate and display their individual pay increases. At the end of the program, print the total faculty payroll before and after the pay increase, and the total pay increase involved.

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main() { int i; printf("%d",scanf"%d",&i))//if the input is 12 24 34 then wat will be the output }

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#include void main() { int a=10,b=20,c=30; printf("%d",scanf("%d%d%d",&a,&b,&c)); } what is the output for this?


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Is it possible to run using programming C for Java Application?


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write a c program to find reminder and quotient if one number is divided by other.to code this program don't use more than 2 variables


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write a program that declares an array of 30 elements named "income" in the main functions. then cal and pass the array to a programmer-defined function named "getIncome" within the "getIncome" function, ask the user for annual income of 30 employees. then calculate and print total income on the screen using the following function: "void getIncome ( ai []);



write a programming in c to find the sum of all elements in an array through function.


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pgm to find any error in linklist(in single linklist check whether any node points any of previous nodes instead of next node)


Why is it important to memset a variable, immediately after allocating memory to it ?


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Read the following data in two different files File A: aaaaaaaadddddddd bbbbbbbbeeeeeeee ccccccccffffffff File B: 11111111 22222222 33333333 By using the above files print the following output or write it in the Other file as follows aaaaaaaa11111111dddddddd bbbbbbbb22222222eeeeeeee cccccccc33333333ffffffffffff


which is an algorithm for sorting in a growing Lexicographic order


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write a C program: To search a file any word which starts with ?a?. If the word following this ?a? starts with a vowel.Then replace this ?a? with ?a? with ?an?. redirect with the output onto an output file.The source file and destination file are specified by the user int the command line.


Write the test cases for checking a variable having value in range -10.0 to +10.0?


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I have written a pro*C program to fetch data from the cursor. where in i have used the concept of BULK FETCH.... each FETCH statement is taking lots of time to fetch specified number of rows at...


What is the code for 3 questions and answer check in VisualBasic.Net?


all c language question


what do u mean by Direct access files? then can u explain about Direct Access Files?


What is the difference between test design and test case design?


What is the difference between if else and switchstatement