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Taxation Interview Questions
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What is the rate of WCT in Haryana.


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What is the limite of deducted of WCT & how we fill the return in Haryana


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What is the service tax rate for individual contractors and firm contractors.

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what is the last date of return filling,payment of tds, professional tax,service tax, income tax, ESI,FBT for consultancy firm?

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What is Mean By Defered Tax, How To Calculate?


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What Is The Chart Rate For Deduction Of TDS On Salary

ADS, Petrochemicals, Real Estate,

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For getting relief under section 89 which types of documents to be submitted for making form16


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what is tax?

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Procedure for of c-form lost

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Our company is engaged in a business of Real state developer in andhra pradesh. we want to purchase some material from other states. we have central sales tax registration. whether we are eligible for issuing a form 'c' to the supplier being a deeloper.


What is Advance Payment of Tax?

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Rules of Income Tax related to Advance Tax?

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Timings / Months when the advance tax shud be paid For Individual?

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Timings / Months when the advance tax shud be paid For Domestic companies?

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Timings / Months when the advance tax shud be paid For MNCs?


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Un-Answered Questions { Taxation }

If a person got gold by wining a lottery and TDS on the gold value was not deducted by the deductor. After getting the gold, the person tranfer the gold to his daughter. After reading the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961, you are required to state that who is liable to pay the tax on the value of the gold? and is there any liability of the Deductor towards non-deduction of TDS?


If we are placing the order in amazon on behalf of the customer who is ordered from other e-commerce sites and the goods is directly billed to the customer address from the amazon sellers and for the same we are receiving some profit at that in our books of account what entries need to be passed...?? do i eligible to get the ITC on the GST amount paid..??


At what rate firms are required to pay tax on their income?


I want to know the TDS ammount which deducted by company.


When and how Wct is applicable on Labour Job Work and what is the percentage?


Hai iam a VAT Registered dealer am a manufacturer and am going to sell my products to unregistered dealers i can pay d 4% vat.. how can i make my bill format for this anybdy kno means pls mail me.


how to calculated all taxes their information in details


sir, can you give me clarification briefly how to capitalized and which one capitalized


Dear sir, mu question is that can one lunch (Tiffin) provider person mention both vat or service tax on his bill. pls. give me answer. EXPLAIN BRIEFLY.


please provide to us the rules of wct in andhra pradesh (Hyderabad)


is WCT applicable one time? and what will be rate of WCT in UP State?


what to in pro


ie it possible to charge WHT and VAT on one trancaction? if yes,kindly explain the dynamics/working of both taxes


If forth alphabet is f then what is TDS percentage ?


when i send goods out side the state against c form from gujarat to bombay which forms will have to required, where i get it & what process of to get it , please give me the answer on my e.mail