Taxation Interview Questions
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Penalty if Advance tax is not paid on time for Individuals and companies?


What is TDS and why we deduct it?


Income Tax Rules related to TDS?


Parties from where we can deduct TDS in a manufacturing company?


Procedure to file TDS Returns?


Timings / Months to file TDS return?


Why it's necessary for a company to file TDS Returns?


Penalty if TDS Returns not submitted on time?

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What is Tax Refunds ?

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Rules for filling Income Tax return for a domestic manufacturing company.

Construction, Ranbaxy,


Rules for filling Income Tax return for a MNC?


Rules for filling Income Tax return for an Individual ?



What are the various forms used for VAT?


What are the various forms used for Sales Tax?

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What is the Difference between VAT and Sales Tax ?

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Dearlers Margin Received for Direct sale from our Creditor, that TDS deducted for us. How to accounting in my records in Tally ERP 9


i wanna p.y tax assistant exam question paper Please send this as earlier as.


tds will be charged by hotel industry on what


In TDS Challan, i had written the TAN No of my company wrongly and i file it to the Govt. what can i do now? is there any problem reg this? wat is my next step? shall i give any letter to TDS Circle in this regarding? how can i approach them? Kindly help me immdly with the procedure.


What are the treatment & implications in case interstate sales transaction if party is not registered (Individual or other then individual)


Our firm is 7 years old. We don't have PT registration for partners as well as employee. If we do it now, will it be a problem or how much penalty will come. Any one can give suggestion.


kindly advise me any set off in excise duty in maharashtra


Dear Sir, I am working in account department. I want to know, Why service tax rate is change in every type of service. For Example - Rent Bill Service Tax Rate - 10.30% Taxi Bill - Service Tax Rate - 4.12% Why it change


Is Service Tax chargable by Real Estate devlopers to be charged on the entire cost of the property or only on the service conent of the cost and not on the cost of land and cost of construction material? Can the developers demand Service Tax on installments paid by the buyers before the real sale takes place?


what is deemed sales? how to calculated


hi how can we know and how to caulata pf. caucaltion of diffrent copany how much rate of pf deducted by company which is the best site to know our pf information


What is excise & service tax?


Our Company dedduct TDS on the collection charge and claim (rate diff claim, scheme claim, collection charge means , if any party take material directly form our store our company give them frieght charge and deduct tds@10.30%). my question in what category of this type of TDS decution ? is it payment to contractor or what ?


What is means by Central Excise ? How to calculate Central Excise ? Central Excise form No. is ?


80DD Dediction