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Taxation Interview Questions
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Penalty if Advance tax is not paid on time for Individuals and companies?


What is TDS and why we deduct it?


Income Tax Rules related to TDS?


Parties from where we can deduct TDS in a manufacturing company?


Procedure to file TDS Returns?


Timings / Months to file TDS return?


Why it's necessary for a company to file TDS Returns?


Penalty if TDS Returns not submitted on time?

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What is Tax Refunds ?

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Rules for filling Income Tax return for a domestic manufacturing company.

Construction, Ranbaxy,


Rules for filling Income Tax return for a MNC?


Rules for filling Income Tax return for an Individual ?



What are the various forms used for VAT?


What are the various forms used for Sales Tax?

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What is the Difference between VAT and Sales Tax ?

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Un-Answered Questions { Taxation }

what is the detail procedure to filling ITR-I,ITR-II AND ITR- 1V V1 IE e-filling procedure


Sir, in CEntral excise we need to pay some amt with interest ex.13815 amt for 66 days how to calcualte this?


how to calculate service tax on tds


Q.No.1) I paid Salary to our staff after deduction TDS. what is the journal entry pass at that time of payment of salary only, and then at the time of payment of tds. and the last date for payment of TDS Q.No.2) Suppose I paid Salary In advance due to that officer is take business tour at the end of the month in after deducting TDS. Now What is the journal entry Salary Advance & Payment of TDS. and when i will pay TDS for This Situation. Kindly Help me


What is tha Central sales tax rate 2010 in andhrapradesh


we have received TDS Certificate (Form No 16A) from one company, we have checked online credited but they not credited to us (online credit) can i refund that amount. pls send us letter format


what is the difference between captive consumption and cenvat in tally erp9 and when we have to use it


Hello! My annual salary is @ Rs.6,00,000/-. What would be the TDS applicable for me per annum/per month. I am also contributing to EPF @ Rs.9360/-.


if the reparing & machinery maintanance for one party the whole year payment paid rs.75000/- crossed than tds is deducted from amount


How many types of vat categoryplease tell me all type of vat categories..............


what is the procedure for Delhi WCT payment , we have a registered office at mumbai and we have a branch at delhi for that renovation we have deducted WCT ,we have ur VAT and CST no for delhi branch do we need have additional registration for this payment


is there any necessity to file TDS to purchase a thing even ater paying vat


hi how can we know and how to caulata pf. caucaltion of diffrent copany how much rate of pf deducted by company which is the best site to know our pf information


if waybill issued by consignor , then c form issue whose responsibility?


What is the maximum amount to issue Form C to a dealer for the purchase of 40 crores in several bills in a quater?