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Taxation Interview Questions
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what is the difference between Excise duty and Custom duty? and direct cost and Indirect cost with examples?


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if we are not able to issue F form and Goods transfer treat as deeded sale and want to paid taxes on that sale. but local tax rate is Zero. in above situation I can transfer of goods without F Form and Without paying any tax ?

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What is the difference between Sales Tax and VAT?

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What is Sale in Transit Transaction and what are the forms issued and get form parties ?

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what is rate of vat in raj.

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how to modify 12% to 13.5% in tallyerp9 release 1.6



what is er1

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Our Factory in Gurgaon(Hrayana) & our another Branch(Shop)in Delhi.we are stock transfer factory to branch so what form we used & why.Please send me my mail Thanks(RABI)

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Excisable material sold without charging excise duty, Now after 3 months, I am issuing Suplimantary bill to party for Excise payment, now please tell me the interest need to pay for this and also is there need to pay interest if i have sufficiant amount of cenvate credit balance in these 3 months.


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How to file tds/tcs tax challan and what is the last date for This

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Rse dear., i am not filing my nil return. Now i started to provide Insurance Advise to my client. but my TDS is deducted from my Rs.3000. so i want to stop this deduction, plz sugest any information. thanking you.


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Where we show the brought forwarded losses in the Balance Sheet?

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What is LST Number

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Hello Sir, If A is purchased Excise Duty paid goods i.e. H.R.Sheet. He want to sell the same as vat bill without excise. It can be possible.

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how to caluclate the mumbai tax with example? what is mean by credit and debit ?


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Un-Answered Questions { Taxation }

Can a person fill a nri in an income tax form if he has been out of india for six months though he is indian citizen?


is there in india the rate of work contract are same in all states if now what are the statewise rate


How to calculate entry tax on kraft papers format in excel under Assam Entry tax rules?


how & on which amt tax should be calculate on pvt ltd company or ltd company


The Depreciation Rate for Heavy Equipments like cranes (used in the construction of bridges, flyovers etc ... ) is 30% as per the companies act. If i buy a crane for Rs. 10 Lakh and claim depreciation the cost of the crane in the 2nd year is 7 Lakh and in the 3rd year it is 4.9 Lakh and in the 4th year it is 3.4 Lakh ...... Can i re-value the crane in the 5th year to the 2nd hand market price of Rs. 20 Lakh and claim depreciation on it @ 30% ? (Cost of crane in 6th Year now is 20 Lakh - 6 Lakh = 14 Lakh )


Company A from Maharashtra dispatch material directly to company C in Maharashtra & Billed to Company B in Karnataka. Co. A raised billed to Co. B charged local VAT., Co. B raised bill on Co. C tax rate NIL. Can Co. C claimed on VAT amount ?


How to make a bill of software sale with service tax?


how to get input credit in vat & service tax


which form no's wiil be used for filing IT,ADVANCE TAX, TDS,VAT,CST,ST,PT,EXICE DUTY,ESI,PF?What is the Due Dates? very urgent


What do u mean by sales tax and who are sales tax practitioner ?


what is fillup form when company issue c form


sir, can you give me clarification briefly how to capitalized and which one capitalized


How to calculate the TDS


80DD Dediction


what should be the research and methodology of business taxation?