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what is the maximumm length of account information in job card of a jcl?


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What is EIBCALEN? Why it is used?


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What is the RPG cycle?


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where we can declare the files in fct and pct and ppt and rct pls give clear structure


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abt ssa.purpose of ssa


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I have a Physical File name 'File1', which is present in two libraries named 'LIB1' & 'LIB2'. These 2 libraries are listed in the library list. Would like to access data from this file from these two libraries using RPG program. How to do this, any idea?

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If i have updated few fields of Adabas file using UPDATE command, and after that i used display to see that field get updted or not. If in Display it showing nothng or record did not get updated then what can be the possible reasons?

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What is the significance of DBID used in Adabs?

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i want to learn mainframes. i completed MCA ,whats the future of mainframes

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How to get Top 10 Salaries from a Table

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The PGMA calls PGMB.PGMB generates a report.The report should contain the called program name(PGMA).How do i get the called program name in PGMB to print it on the spool file?(calling program name should NOT be hard coded or passed as parameter to called program?

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what is difference between DSPFD and DSPFFD?please give me real senario with good example?

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Hi,Please give me complete code with this logic. The question is how to read the records from a file with load an array of size with error condition? (The logic is Z-Add 0 IDX *LOVAL SETLL FILE READ FILE 99 *IN9 DOWEQ *OFF IDX ANDLT 99 ADD 1 IDX MOVE FIELD ARR,IDX READ FILE 99 ENDDO)please give me complete code with explanation?

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Hi, Can anybody give me real sinario for SFLRCDNBR?with example?

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Re: 01 NAME1 PIC X(13) VALUE "COBOL PROGRAMMING". 01 NAME2 PIC X(13). now I want to display the value of NAME1 in reverse order i.e value should be displayed as "GNIMMARGORP LOBOC" HOW can I do that ??? please let me know if any one knows it.


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how many types of display are available on as/400 for user interaction?


what is the difference between a return with transid and xctl? For example program. A is issuing return with transid to program b. Program a. Is isssuing xctl to program b?


Define transient data?


what is the purpose of coding class parameter in job statement?


Mention a credible reason why select* is never given preference in an sql program that has been embedded.


How you can read the file from bottom?


how can i see junk values in dclgen or in hostvariable of comp ?


what is the use of data structures?


What is meant by a bolt dispute?


Explain about house keeping in assembler?


Explain in DD statement what is the use of DCB parameter?


in order to execute step2 a job after a return code of 8 in step1, what condition you will code in step2?


if dspatr(pc) and csrloc were specified for a format, which keyword would have priority?


What are union and union all?


Explain about logical data model of idms?