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Gammon Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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Dear sir, What is the procedure for total station?How to calculate?

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what is civil all interview questions


what is mixed design, define it? what is way beecher?

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what is spacing of wallar support of 3m column. the thickness of column is 0.25 m.


how to calculate the runner (2*3) qty in cft. the length is 8 feet.

6 27783 to calculate 4*3 runner qty in cft. to calculate the nails qty.(column,beam,slab) 3.if any formula for binding wire qty calculation.

1 8179 to calculate the nails qty in shuttering of column,beam, shear wall. control the binding wire wastage in building project. 3.

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how much cement is contained in 1:5 ratio 4" brickwork for 1 sqft

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Target strength = fck +(1.65*4) What is this 4

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what is the minimum spacing required for slab & beam reinforcement

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In concrete mix, water is required . we tried in case of water we are used milk. what hapened

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how to calculate the circular beam reinforcement.its a helipad beam. Dia of bar 25 mm. if its consider any elongation?

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What is capicity of cap lock scffolding stander(vertical member) and ledger of different size?


what else we can add rather than admixture in concrete to reduce the cement quantity?

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why curing is necessary?

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