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Ericsson Interview Questions
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what is SDH and PDH relate the differences between them?

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what is sql.

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what is sdh,pdh?how exactly the call get connected?

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why rxlevel is negative valued ???

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What's the range of C/A?

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10 bit A/D converters,the quantization error in % is??


What is VSWR? what are waveguides and their types. What is Aloha? Shannon's information capacity theorem, Sampling theorem, antenna gain, types of antennae, GSM/CDMA comparison, modulation techniques, Superheterodyne receiver

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what are components of output power for BTS(WCDMA/UMTC)? and which power benefit users ? how users use this power ?


what does tru, dtru, cdu do and what is inside of them. Please ans


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Ericsson Interview Questions

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