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emc2 Interview Questions
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What is correlated subquery?


Which method the Servlet container call to create the instance of the servlet?

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What the meaning of Computer Auditing.

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EXplain how the TCP/IP suite addresses application support


what r d crontab fields?

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what is the purpose of method overriding in java where v r completely re-defining a inherited method instead y can't v create a new method and define.If the question is very silly plz excuse me and do reply.Thank U!

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how many servers are maintaining and what is your 'user base' in the organization?------friends please tell me in what way the answer should be?

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const int perplexed = 2; #define perplexed 3 main() { #ifdef perplexed #undef perplexed #define perplexed 4 #endif printf("%d",perplexed); } a. 0 b. 2 c. 4 d. none of the above

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what is the meaning of Accrual Concept?

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what are the adjustment entries?

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How do speedup the project delivery without affecting the cost?

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sort a word "system" in perl/shell without using built in functions output should be emssty

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What are the IPC techniques ? explain each

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When is a template better solution than a base class??

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When you define a integer it gets stored in which data structure?(Stack or a heap)

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