const int perplexed = 2;

#define perplexed 3



#ifdef perplexed

#undef perplexed

#define perplexed 4




a. 0

b. 2

c. 4

d. none of the above

const int perplexed = 2; #define perplexed 3 main() { #ifdef perplexed #undef..

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Sir... please give some important coding questions asked by product companies..

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Question: We would like to design and implement a programming solution to the reader-writer problem using semaphores in C language under UNIX. We assume that we have three readers and two writers processes that would run concurrently. A writer is to update (write) into one memory location (let’s say a variable of type integer named temp initialized to 0). In the other hand, a reader is to read the content of temp and display its content on the screen in a formatted output. One writer can access the shared data exclusively without the presence of other writer or any reader, whereas, a reader may access the shared memory for reading with the presence of other readers (but not writers).

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main() { unsigned int i=65000; while(i++!=0); printf("%d",i); }

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abcdedcba abc cba ab ba a a

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func(a,b) int a,b; { return( a= (a==b) ); } main() { int process(),func(); printf("The value of process is %d !\n ",process(func,3,6)); } process(pf,val1,val2) int (*pf) (); int val1,val2; { return((*pf) (val1,val2)); }

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programming in c lanugaue programm will errror error with two header file one as stdio.h and other one is conio.h

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#include<conio.h> main() { int x,y=2,z,a; if(x=y%2) z=2; a=2; printf("%d %d ",z,x); }

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struct Foo { char *pName; char *pAddress; }; main() { struct Foo *obj = malloc(sizeof(struct Foo)); clrscr(); obj->pName = malloc(100); obj->pAddress = malloc(100); strcpy(obj->pName,"Your Name"); strcpy(obj->pAddress, "Your Address"); free(obj); printf("%s", obj->pName); printf("%s", obj->pAddress); } a. Your Name, Your Address b. Your Address, Your Address c. Your Name Your Name d. None of the above

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