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eClerx General Aptitude Interview Questions
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The sum of 5 consecutive integers is 35. how many of the five consecutive integers are prime number

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Sam and Jessica are invited to a dance. If there are 7 men and 7 women in total for the dance and one woman and one man are chosen to lead the dance. What is the probability that Sam and Jessica will NOT be chosen to lead the dance

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Machines X & Machine Y produces 8000 articles in 4 and 8 hrs respectively. If they work alternately for one hr each, X starting first, in what time 10000 articles can be produced?

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The cost price of 12 articles is the same as the sale price of 8 articles. What is the profit percent?

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If today is Saturday, what day will be 500 days from today?

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What is the value of 12x-3x-7 when x =-5?

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If a:b=5:6 and b:c=5:6, a:c=?

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Last year Jose sold a painting for $2000. If he made a 25% profit on the sale, how much had he paid for the painting?

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What is Derivative and different types of Derivatives? Difference between Call and Put Option?

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Differnce between RAM and ROM

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Shortcut keys in excel : Ctrl + k Ctrl + d Ctrl + y

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interview question : what is equity ? or what is Capital Market? What is Derivatives? Excel question : Shortcut keys, pivot tables, vlookup and hlookup, autofilter, sorting etc

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types of shares

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Difference between equity and preference shares

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What is Derivative and different types of Derivatives? Difference between Call and Put Option?

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