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eClerx English Interview Questions
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pivot table is use for?

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I like to visit other countries but I find the __________ of travel is too high. a) money B) cost c) expenses d) currency

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As they turned round and run away people thought they were _______ a) red b) blue c) white d) yellow

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The company had its own code of ___________ in these matters. a) behavior b) conduct c) dealing d) attitude

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Windows : Room a) Cupboard : Wall b)Lenticel : stem c) spore : Leaf d) hole : socks

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which of the below functions is used to search data withing a range based on a condition?

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how can u get multiple lines of text in a single cell?

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When you see a cell with a green triangle in the left top corner, what does this siginfy?

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pivot table used for

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shortcut key for view all formulas in the worksheet?

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uses of Countif formula

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The report is _______ to show better than expected results. a) Necessary b) Possibly c) Clearly d) likely

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Machines X & Machine Y produces 8000 articles in 4 and 8 hrs respectively. If they work alternately for one hr each, X starting first, in what time 10000 articles can be produced? a)8 hrs but some on is told the answare is 6.5 hrs b)6.5 hrs c)12 hrs d)4 hrs

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If a:b=5:6 and b:c=5:6, a:c=? a)5:6 b)36:25 c)25:27 d)38:40

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Capital market

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