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eClerx Banking Finance Interview Questions
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whats Derivative?

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What is Finance Function

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present i am studying mba but basically i am from science background i completed my graduation with bsc.biotechnology wat to say for question why you change your stream ? how can fulfill the requirements of job?

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what is equity

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hi viewers my name is prapul i would like to know how to prepare for an interview i had done my mba finance


i want to know about capital market,money market,derivatives,call & put up options,bullish & bearish market,mutual fund,primary & secondary market.

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what do you mean by amalgamations? what are the reasons and needs for amalgamations?

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i have done my mba finance ,but i did my graduation in bca .pls give me relevant ans when interviewer ask me question why did u change your feild?


which types question the aptitude test

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What is the impact of Indian market as a whole if the sensex is positive since two months?

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