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How many street lights are there in pune?

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IF u r running in a race in 2nd position, and if u will overtake the very next person to u , then what will be ur exact position...

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If u are given candles which takes exactly one hour to burn completely than how will you measure one and half hour...

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what is DRP panels?


plz give me any body some 3top UAT test cases, Advance thanks?


When electric field is parallel to the plane of incidence, the electromagnetic wave is said to be a.Linearly polarized b.circularly polarized c. Elliptically polarized d. Hyperbolically polarized


How to Detect how many jobs are in the print spooler?


What is sub collaboration?


For a binary tree with n nodes, How many nodes are there which has got both a parent and a child?


how i can tak Quantity of mortar in block work


Please help me to find VAT Rates of the follwing Items in A.P 1.Fiber Glass -CSM -Roving W.R Polyster Resin G.P{general purpose)Roofing,ISO Thanks & Regards Mohan .V


volts=230 c=10mf a=??


what are the major items in Integration check list


How to Select an item in a TListView when the checkbox is checked ?


Hi all, Can you please send me the Dimensions and fact tables which are used in mutual fund project. and please send me the brief summary about the project. Please do the needful.


Which is the best place or learning center for MS SQL?????In Bangladesh?????


Why is triploblast more advanced than diploblast?


How to send a response early in a web application action?


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