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eClerx Interview Questions
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which of the below functions is used to search data withing a range based on a condition?

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how can u get multiple lines of text in a single cell?

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When you see a cell with a green triangle in the left top corner, what does this siginfy?

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pivot table used for

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shortcut key for view all formulas in the worksheet?

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uses of Countif formula

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What is Derivative and different types of Derivatives? Difference between Call and Put Option?

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Differnce between RAM and ROM

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Shortcut keys in excel : Ctrl + k Ctrl + d Ctrl + y

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interview question : what is equity ? or what is Capital Market? What is Derivatives? Excel question : Shortcut keys, pivot tables, vlookup and hlookup, autofilter, sorting etc

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types of shares

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Difference between equity and preference shares

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What is Derivative and different types of Derivatives? Difference between Call and Put Option?

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What is bull and bear market

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What is Mutual fund and its types ?

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Un-Answered Questions

What is the Jar file?


when a request is generated from apache tomcat 5.5 and goes to oracle 10g or mysql,,, how the oracle or mysql reads the request as apache is a web server and oracle 10g is application server? when the oracle 10g provides response, how the apche tomcat reads it???


In an interview, what r the general questions asked in QTP? pls give me anwser to this question?


Polymorphism real time scenario


How do CAs sign certificates?


I want sample papers for NIC Examination. Plz send them to my mail Id . Plz send it today, tomorrow i've the exam.


what are Important Points contracts in Laravel ?


Hello friends. i am new in to sap crm.please answer this question. Q1. How will you transfer the data/transaction from development server to QA server or production server? Q2. How will you check the data is successfully transferred and where will you see it


what is the difference between LENGTH AND SIZE?


when Delivery Consultant job will start in a project?


what is the clear cover for shearwall?


what is different between static block and public static void main??


If you are not assign components to workcenter then wt will be happen..??


how to reduce the interesting giving to debts ?


I have 2 doubts regarding the "Input Control" functionality in BI4: 1) Can the Input Controls in BI4 be manipulated? I mean, can we change the IC display as BOLD or change the values from Italics to regular? Or change the colors? 2) How to get hierarchy type control in IC? Let's say my first IC is for Country and second is for State. If I select a particulat country from Ist IC,second one should show me states belonging to selected country. Is that possible? Thanks in advance!!!


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