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DLF Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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difference between the earthing,grounding and neutral

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what is the use of power transformer in GSS.


What is short circuit analysis of electrical networks?What are the procedures to be followed for its calculation?

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Why we does earthing for transformer neutral point

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how to decide the load on secondary of the tranformer

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in three 3.5 core aluminium ug cable. one cable is used for one phase by shrting R,Y and B wires and other 2 cables used for Y and b phases. balace 3 neutral wires are made common and connected to load. suddenly neutral current was more than line current what is the reason behind this?

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For 7.5HP motor 2880rpm 415VAC Connected with Pressurisation Fan we used Star Delta Startor why not we use DOL startor

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How much difference can there be between HT & LT KWH unit consumption at the same load?

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why we do not switched on capicitor panel with DG Supply

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what is ATS?and its function or operation in power system with its layout.

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how can we choose the size of road crossing pipe for power cables

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what is the installation process for lifts


What is the criteria in selecting Air circuit breaker(ACB) & Moulded case circuit breaker(MCCB) for a particular range?

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why ht line fuse wire is so thin

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