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DLF PHP Interview Questions
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Is PHP is procedure oriented or object oriented?

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Which is the Best plateform for PHP?

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What is indexing how many types?

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Un-Answered Questions

sir i applied for hpcl(electrical).i want to know from which subjects most of the technical que will b asked.and pattern of the written test.pls help me


What is SequenceFileInputFormat?


What is Debit Note and Credit Note? Subsidory Books? Minority Interest? Stock recording in P&L? Outstanding Expenses, Prepaid Expenses and Examples?


Please colleagues I need to choice a proper hopper shape for a Fertilizer bulk blender flowing throut a high humidity raw material like zeolite, so we are in doubt whether use squard or rectangular hopper shape to avoid the so call voul effect that can create obstruction


In order to handle all combinations of input voltage polarities, a multiplier must have A Four-quadrant capability B Three- quadrant capability C Four inputs D Dual-supply voltages


What are you going to inspect or check when you open the crankcase?


How to do performance tunning a database in DB2 V8.2 UDB in linux


How can two 3 phase transformers of same KVA and Voltage be connected in parallel?


5. Identify & explain the responsibilities of the sender & the responsibilities of the receiver in the communication process.


Can any one tell me some real time errors you got for support pack apply, During transport request export-import and for db dackup.


Tell me about a time when you delegated a project effectively.


why does the most of civil engg is not intersted to going for teaching field?


Take an MxN matrice from user and then sum upper diagonal in a variable and lower diagonal in a separate variables. Print the result


who or what in your life would you say influenced you most with regard to your career objectives?


Does it have delta facility?


DLF PHP Interview Questions
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