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DLF Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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it is a corrected question." make a list of engineering property(properties) of soil.


Unit weight of brick? Sand? Aggregate? Steel? Cement? Water?

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how to disign cuplock shuttering and it's matireal requirement snd any related web site


where does the hinged action while designing the strture

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what does a civil engineer should know?

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What is the the difference between piller base and wall base ? give cost difference ?

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What is m & 20.& what is fe&415.

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types of piles detail,


how i can tak Quantity of mortar in block work


Technical Question of Civil Engineering


which Indian standerd code is used for billing

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what is westage % for steel, concrete,tiles,pains as per indian staderd code?

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what is defenation the rolling margine ? .. what is % for steel & what its effects if it is + or - ?

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how to calculate rate analysys of 1:6 plastering 10 sq m


what is the ratio of cement water and sand in RCC?

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