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CSS Interview Questions
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Difference b/w bug and defect ?

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what is alpha , beta testing ?

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what do u mean by 3G?

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main() { int c[ ]={2.8,3.4,4,6.7,5}; int j,*p=c,*q=c; for(j=0;j<5;j++) { printf(" %d ",*c); ++q; } for(j=0;j<5;j++){ printf(" %d ",*p); ++p; } }

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what is bpo and call centre?

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problem no.3 - write a program using two dimentional arrays that compute the sum of data in rows and sum of data in columns of the 3*3 array variable. sample input/output dialog 5 9 8 = 22 3 8 2 = 13 4 3 9 = 16 _____________ 12 20 19

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how can i make an user to nologin without locking the account for the user

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Un-Answered Questions

I want to prepare a patch installation for my company. I need all the files which have been modified since Jan 09. I have taken the history of project in VSS, for date range 01Jan09 to today. Now whats the procedure of getting all those files to my local directory, which is being used for a patch install preparation. Thanks.


using primary can we relate two table, with out foreign key?


one of interviewer asked me this requirement please tell me anybody? Issue: the problem faced by us right now is,when there are more than 2 route codes available, users can select a wrong route code which is a longer route for the destination, the physical shipment can still go through a shorter route, but company will end up in paying more. Requirement: user maintained route list, the user will maintain a master from which route should be picked, users should be able to enable or disable a particular route. Thanks in advance


How Do I run my RFT scripts through RQM(rational quality manager)can anyone explain me in the details giving examples. Also, I wanna to integrate RQM with RFT how to do that?


what r you reqired for concrete baching plant?


What are the conditions applies to varchar variable, when using in procedures?


What is Probability density function of the brightnesses?


what is web service in java? have u use before.


What is the use of PF_LOCAL and SOCK_STREAM?


What is transport domain?


Are you aware of containment and Aggregation ?


What is Different between Joomla And Magento?


how to write regression test case?what is the difference between Client server & web based Testing? can we able to do UI Testing in web based Testing


Explain overhauling stopsfor backpull our pumps?


4. How are the wattmeter readings equal in 2 Wattmeter method at UPF? Establish the condition mathematically?


CSS Interview Questions
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