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CSS Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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why r u want to join call centre?

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Tell me about a movie you have seen rescently. Tell me about yourself

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Why do you think that we will appoint you?

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what is bpo and call centre?

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Un-Answered Questions

1)how many tr's you have moved in support project?  2)tell me the complete process of idoc's? 3)what are the interfaces you have dealt wih in your project?


you are placed a high NPA Branch , how you control the situation.


Can you overwrite Hadoop MapReduce configuration in Hive?


What is difference macros and prompts?


what were u doing some many years after doing graduation?


what is current rate of excies duty for a manufacturing company?


Explain The ATM reference model


1. Consider the following input and generate the object code using single pass assembler. JOHN START 0 USING *,15 L 1,FIVE A 1,FOUR ST 1,TEMP FOUR DC F’4’ FIVE DC F’5’ TEMP DS ‘F END


Explain AngularJS scope life-cycle?


How should requirements on middleware performance be characterized?


How to Open FireFox using descriptive programing? If my question is not clear, i will give an Example To Open Internet Explorer, We use Set IE = CreateObject(InternetExplorer.Application) IE.Navigate " In the same i need to open in firefox. Can any one tell me what is the server name of firefox to create an object


How can I remove header from output data set?


What do you know about THP-1 cell line ?


cat 5E cable with brown colour cable what will be its speed in kbps for internet?


i want give drug inspector exam ,, how i appear in this & now i am going to complete b.pharma.. also send me some coaching sites....& full syllabus information for drug inspector also any experience required for it& how much it ... which exams prefer upsc or states public service comission exam


CSS Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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