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CSS Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is the difference between Functional testing and Unit Functionality testing?


What is the difference between unit testing and functionality testing ?

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How is the communication with the developers for the Unit Testing?

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What are all covers for the Unit Testing ?

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What are all the things should be covered in the Unit Test cases ?

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what is mean by configuration managaement.. explain with example ?

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1.What is mean by Databasse testing ? 2.Defect Life cycle? 3. define compatibility testing with example? 4. define severiority and priority with example and who will give severiority and priority?

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1. define Database testing ? 2. define severity and priority and types with example?

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What is difference between web based testing and windows based testing ?

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what are things you want to check in web based testing?

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security testing what are the things you want to check in security testing ?

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Difference between spiral model and proto type in sdlc?

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what is mean by Performance Related Testing in data base?


define Testing of Procedure, Triggers and Functions in data base testing ?


What is mean by sdlc and expalin spiral model and proto type model?

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CSS Manual Testing Interview Questions
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