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CSS Interview Questions
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What type of recordsets are available in ADO?

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In SilkTest we have a function Except Log which displays the path of the error occured in a Script.In QTP do we have any function like that?


What?s the difference between PRIMARY KEY and UNIQUE in MyISAM?

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What is the difference between QA and QC?

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what is data Adapter?

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Yeast is used in making bread because it produces 1 CO2 2 O2 3 Sugar 4 Bacteria

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1.Whats the use of GNAC(Generator Neutral Accessory Compartment) 2. why generator or any other system require Neutral Grounding and not Phase grounding 3. what happens if any one of the phase is grounded. 4. if 15kv is grounded directly what will happen, why it should not be grounded like that 5. use of of NGTR(Neutral Grounding Transformer and Resistor) for grounding is helpfull and how

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can we create recorset with out using database connection in vbscript?

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how to handle exceptions in core applications?

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How to explain struts work flow

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What is the difference between Functional testing and Unit Functionality testing?


What is the difference between unit testing and functionality testing ?

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How is the communication with the developers for the Unit Testing?

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What are all covers for the Unit Testing ?

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What are all the things should be covered in the Unit Test cases ?

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Un-Answered Questions

How billing will concern while editing the coverage levels?


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what is mean by impact analysis ,how we used to select regression TC using this?


what are the differences between temporary storage queue (tsq) and transient data quene (tdq)?


why specifically inited states ?


Have you used callsymputx? what points need to be kept in mind when using it?


Explain react hooks?


how do link aT1 from the 1st BTS to 2nd BTS4?


What do you know about DG ,A,B,C, D, Check and safety of generator.?


Are you an outgoing individual?


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What do the SAS log messages "numeric values have been converted to character" mean?