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CMS CCNA Interview Questions
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Identify the command to configure ALL the default VTY ports? A.) Router(config)# line vty 0 4 B.) Router# line vty 0 4 C.) Router(config)# line vty D.) Router(config)# line vty 0

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Identify the command to configure the router for IGRP autonomous system 100? A.) Router(config)# router igrp 100 B.) Router> router igrp 100 C.) Router# router igrp 100 D.) Router(config)# router igrp

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To which layer ICMP belongs

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What is the default size of a standard ping on a Cisco router? * A: 100 bytes * B: 32 bytes * C: 10 bytes * D: 16 bytes

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What is CRC and which layer it use?

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What hppends when ping command executes?

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switch kitne volt per work karta hai. what is frame realy. what is isdn and pri and bri.

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CMS CCNA Interview Questions

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