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CMS Interview Questions
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Explain how server control validation controls works?

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Railway Recruitment Board Examination, January 2005 Question Paper

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What is the difference between windows 98/2000/XP Operating Systems?

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What is the work of OSPF & what is the diffirence between Vlan and VPN

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Router is the device of which layer.

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How many bits in MAC address.

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Tell me something about your 2 strong point and 2 weak point


what would you like to chage in IT field.2 things.


what is your expectation of this company


what salary you would like to earn after 10 year.


what is modem and what use of in networking ?

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pls send rrb question paper of je of last 5 years at my email id i.e. singh.anni88@yahoo

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what is DHCP & DNS port number?

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Q.1. You set up scheduled tasks to run & notify you of any failures. 3 days later you see that none of the tasks ran & you received no notifications. What to do?

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6 Your boss has asked you to implement three new Exchange email servers. It's vital that you install these email servers in the most fault tolerant way possible. Which of the following features should you use? 1 Network backups 2 Microsoft Clustering Service 3 Network load balancing 4 DNS round robin

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CMS Interview Questions

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