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What is CRC and which layer it use?

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What is CRC and which layer it use?..

Answer / roop&

Cyclic Redundancy Check and Data LINK Layer

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What is CRC and which layer it use?..

Answer / chandru

A CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check)is an error-detecting
code.Happens at Data link layer.

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What is CRC and which layer it use?..

Answer / jitendera

Crc calculation method
This is the topic consern with BE btech studendt

let take a simple example.

Let's do a simple example, dividing a message 100110 by the
key 101.
100110 = x^5 + x^2 + x (why i have writen this.count from
left threr is 6 numrix value so it sholud start frrom x5
and last is x^0

simalry 101 is x2 + 1.(it is key value with degree 2 max

Since the degree of the key is 2, we start by appending two
zeros to our message.

10011000 / 101





We don't even bother calculating the quotient, all we need
is the remainder (the CRC), which is 01 in this case. The
original message with the CRC attached reads 10011001. You
can easily convince itself that it is divisible by the key,
101, with no remainder.

In practice we don't write the top bit of the key--it is
implicit. In this particular example, we would only store
bits 01 as our key.

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What is CRC and which layer it use?..

Answer / ravi

hi jitendera
i am ravi here and i am an engineering student from delhi i
have lots of interest in computer network.i was in serch of
the crc calculation method.i went through tennon bom and
frozen but not able to get understand then i came to google
and on serching i found your reply on that site and now
after reading yours answer and i find no any difficulty to
understand it now i can solve more complex polynomilas
based upon yours consept.many many thanks to you.
if you donot mind may i post some basic coputer network
question of our sylebus in which i am facing difficulty?.

thanks aagin

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