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CitiGroup Interview Questions
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main() { int x=20,y=35; x = y++ + x++; y = ++y + ++x; printf("%d %d\n",x,y); }

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main() { char *p1="Name"; char *p2; p2=(char *)malloc(20); while(*p2++=*p1++); printf("%s\n",p2); }

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main() { int x=5; printf("%d %d %d\n",x,x<<2,x>>2); }

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main() { char *ptr = "Ramco Systems"; (*ptr)++; printf("%s\n",ptr); ptr++; printf("%s\n",ptr); } Find the Outputs?

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#include main() { char s1[]="Ramco"; char s2[]="Systems"; s1=s2; printf("%s",s1); } Find the output

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What are the prototypes are used during the integration testing ?Explain the stub and the driver in details?Are the stub and the driver both are used in top-down and the bottom-up approaches ?

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what is the similarity between black box testing and unit testing

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pls tell me how to convert string to date format. my problem is in excel i have given date ,after used in the ddt_val function ,it is not converted pls tell me how to convert string to date format urgent

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What is Test management?

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How the test plan is a tool and the product?

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What is class in Testing.

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soc-7 is a bad data,invalid data. when ever we are moving the alphabets in the position of numeric then we got this abend. so my question is if o1 ws-data pic 9(1) value passing the alphabet some x. then we got soc-7 or not? i want clarification ?

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How can set the multipal database ?


1.What is difference between symget and & in sas? 2.what is difference between callsymput and %let?

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What is the order of evaluation of the comparison && logical && relational operators:?

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CitiGroup Interview Questions

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