char *ptr = "Ramco Systems";
Find the Outputs?

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main() { char *ptr = "Ramco Systems"; (*ptr)++; printf("%..

Answer / sumeet

Samco Systems
amco Systems

this will be the answer .. the reason being the ascii value
of r will be incremented so it now point to s( capital s
that is ) this account for (*ptr)++

next ptr++ will simply move you to the next charachter ..

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main() { char *ptr = "Ramco Systems"; (*ptr)++; printf("%..

Answer / ruchi

Turbo c will give an answer
samco system
amco system
pointer ptr is at r
by(*ptr)++ we are incrementing it by one so we get s
by ptr ++ we are incrementing the addrestion of ptr so it
will give an output amco system;
but gcc compiler will not give any answer it will print
segmentation fault

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main() { char *ptr = "Ramco Systems"; (*ptr)++; printf("%..

Answer / lucky

samco system
amco system

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main() { char *ptr = "Ramco Systems"; (*ptr)++; printf("%..

Answer / madhu

segmentation fault.U can give that as *(ptr+1)

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main() { char *ptr = "Ramco Systems"; (*ptr)++; printf("%..

Answer / chappa

The first increment is incorrect, since it will try to
increment the value of 'R' but will end up giving
Segmentation fault.

Second ptr++ is valid as it will shift the pointer from 'R'
to 'a'. The second print statement would have printed "amco
Systems", the compiler gives Seg fault due to the previous
incorrect increment.

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main() { char *ptr = "Ramco Systems"; (*ptr)++; printf("%..

Answer / guest


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main() { char *ptr = "Ramco Systems"; (*ptr)++; printf("%..

Answer / dhakchin moorthy.p

first printf stmt prints Ramco Systems
the error is in line ptr++;here u r trying to increment the
address holding by the pointer,pointer var may lost the
starting address.

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main() { char *ptr = "Ramco Systems"; (*ptr)++; printf("%..

Answer / soundar

Address of the variable will be displayed for the first
printf stmt

previous address will be incremented and current address of
variable will displayed for second printf stmt

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main() { char *ptr = "Ramco Systems"; (*ptr)++; printf("%..

Answer / vignesh1988i

Samco systems
amco systems

thank u

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