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CitiGroup SAS Interview Questions
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what is the difference between SET and MERGE?

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how many types of MERGE?

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what is Enterprise Guide?what is the use of it?

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what is the diff. b/w proc means and proc summary?

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how can u create zero observation dataset?

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what is SAS/Graph?

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what is the use of proc sql?

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how can u import .csv file in to SAS?tell Syntax?

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how can u extract,transform and loading?

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what is Business Intelligence?

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how do we get duplicate observations in a separate dataset?

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What are MIs reports? what is the use of MIS reports and How can u generate the MIS reports in SAS? If any body know explain with the eg.

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1.How many ways are there to create variables? 2.What is CLM,how can we use it? 3.what are the advontages of data step? 4.what is the extension of editor window in SAS 9.1.3? 5.How do you copy a particular data set from one library to another? 6.what is the use of double option? 7.Advontages of Proc Report? 8.what is the basic use of where statement? 9.How do you terminate the statments in SAS Programming? 10.What is the difference between symput and symget? 11.How would a identify the local and global variable? can any one answer for the 4'th question

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what is the need of INDEX in datasets?

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tell me about intnx, intcx functions?

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CitiGroup SAS Interview Questions

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