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CitiGroup SAS Interview Questions
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what is Global Symbol table and Local symbol table?

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how to assign a macro value to a variable?

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describe about joins? briefly?

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how to write code for left outer join in SAs using datastep?

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what is OLAP?

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what is information maps?


how to intersect the tables by using PROC MIXED?

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What is the difference between Proc tabulate and Proc print

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How to convert a given date value into SAS date

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What is the order of evaluation of the comparison && logical && relational operators:?

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Please mail me the sample papers of PNB for the post Dy. Manager.


From the following particulars taken on 31 December, 1995, you are required to prepare a bank reconciliation statement to reconcile the bank balance shown in the Cash Book with that shown in the Pass Book: (i) Balance as per Pass Book on 31 December, 1995, O/D Rs 1,027. (ii) Four cheques drawn on 31 December but not cleared till January are as follows: Rs 12; Rs 1,021; Rs 98; and Rs 113. (iii) Interest on O/D not entered in Cash Book Rs 51. (iv) Three cheques received on 30 December and entered in the bank column of the Cash Book but not lodged in bank for collection till 3 January next: Rs 1,160; Rs 2,100; and Rs 2,080. (v) Cost of cheque book, Pass Book, etc; Rs 1.50 entered twice erroneously in Cash Book in November. (vi) A Bill Receivable for Rs 250 due on 29 December, 1995 was passed to the bank for collection on 28 December, 1990 and was entered in Cash Book forthwith whereas the proceeds were credited in the Pass Book only in January following. (vii) Chamber of Commerce subscription Rs 10 paid by bank on 1 December, 1990 had not been entered in the Cash Book. (viii) Bank charges of Rs 5 had been debited in the pass book twice erroneously. . . . plz be fast


what are your thoughts on SPRINT duration


Why is Client side image is preferred over server side image?


Provision entry for current Year Income Tax A/c ----Dr To Income Tax Payable A/c Adjustment entry in next Year Income tax payable---Dr To bank A/c kindly tell me which head of income tax a/c and income tax payble a/c


How RTCC panel is working and give single line diagram for RTCC with transformer?


Can you overwrite Hadoop MapReduce configuration in Hive?


what is the power in horse power of a 4 stroke diesel with the following make up? piston diameter = 250mm length = 70mm stroke = 300 1 bar (1013kpa) rpm = 5/second please show workings


  • Accomm
  • i have this on server side i want to compare this id(Accommodation) value and want id i.e.Accommodation.visible=true;


    Does home used kerosene which is available in blue color can change its color after keeping number of years (say 8-10 years)? If yes, then in which color will it turned to? Will it change to yellow color or transparent color? Please reply with suitable technical suggestion/approach. Its an important question which was asked. I need a very strong technical reply. Please help me.


    How can you use an Oracle sequences in Informatica ? You have an Informatica sequence generator transformation also. which one is better to use?


    When a sales order contains normal(norm) and third party items(bans) how does the material reacts? Next order comes as make to order(0001), another is BOM. So every time we have to change the item category group in mm02 OR is there a process to expand the same material with norm, bans, 0001, erla?


    What is the pressure of fuel oil on main engine and diesel generator?


    please send me banking question on my email ID as I have been selected for state bank of india .my email ID is


    A company charity (gross income


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