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Cisco Interview Questions
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What is the rating of your capacitor bank at your company.

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What are the different types of Errors in PHP?

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Suppose in DHCP server running network(assigning ip addresses automatically), you connect a Laptop in the same n/w, now how the DHCP is going to assign a IP add. to it and how it will came to know that there's one new machine added.

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which of the function operator cannot be over loaded a) <= b)?: c)== d)*

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x=2,y=6,z=6 x=y==z; printf(%d",x)

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Explain the advantage and disadvantage of ethernet ?

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what is Processor?

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why should i hire you?

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How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

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What is a digital certificate?

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What is a digital signature?

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What is the keystore?

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Cisco placement papers -----------placement paper 1

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There are 3 baskets of fruits with worng lables,one basket has apple,another basket has orange,another has combination of apple and orange,what is the least way of interchange the lables.

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What is Noise Margin? Explain the procedure to determine Noise Margin?

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Cisco Interview Questions

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