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Student Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Assume a condition such that two motors of rating 6.6kv,415v are connected to blower,so tell me which motor draw large current give appropriate reason?

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How to calcute the cable size for both HT and LT please specify the formula for that Regards Chethan C

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Meaning of CTPT ,how it works &how it measures the reading on trivecter meter,&what is trivecter meter

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which relay is used on long transmission lines

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why armature is placed in stator but not in rotor in synchronous generator ?

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what is dedicated earthing

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what is mean by VCB colour code..???

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what will happen if frequency is below 50 hz?


what is the relative size of single and three phase?


How can I known multiplying factor .without multiplying table


can anybody find out the result. I am lil bit confused about my equation.

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what is the basic principle of operating of a television camera tube?


Merz-Price circulating current principles is more suitable for

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how to find the voltage's of a transmission line plzz help with pictures i am not able to understand


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Student Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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