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Student Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the significance of soundness test in Cement? and how is it done??

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what is the ratio of M10,M20,M30,M40,M50,M60 grade concrete

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What is the ratio of Grades M10,M15,M20,M25,M30,M35,M40.

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How to calculate cement, aggregates for any one grade of concrete for icum?

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Cement require for 1sqm

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steam curing is not used in which cement

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Which tests are performed on soil to decide the type of foundation to be provided.


how to calculate cut length of re-bar in a circle . because we not place same length of re-bar in whole circle maximum in center and minimum at corner so how to calculate middle bars???


I've 47'-6" x 89'-6" of flat RCC Slab 12mm dia 8" c/c. Please calculate the total weight of slab, weight of steel, and how much dead load it contains. Thanks

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I've beams dimensions of 9"x 18"x 45' please calculate the weight. Thanks

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Ehat slump test of column & retaing wall.

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How can we improve the capacity of a existing foundation?

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What is difference between ceramic and vitrified tile

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how much required strength of cement concrete bricks(size 230x115x75mm)


Q Structural Behavior Of Statically Determinate And Indeterminate Reinforced Concrete Structure?

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Student Civil Engineering Interview Questions

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