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Student VB.NET Interview Questions
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write a program to swap two numbers

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Student VB.NET Interview Questions

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What is the relationship between an event-listener interface and an event-adapter class?


Describe the difference between cookies, sessionStorage, and localStorage.


What is Transactional based Application & Role based Application?


Which is the Parent class Control class in WPF?


What output will this program produce System.out.println(x+"+"+y+"="+(x+));


what is cyclon vibration effect in turbine


Could the power factor on electrical system can affect the registration of the kwhr meter or the CT/PT? 


How do you see your career at Schlumberger?


1.favorite teacher? 2.memorable event 3:school life Guys please give space for each answer for one particulare question and please mention numbers for which question your are giving he answer...please dont mixup


How are the various factors of production affected by global competition? Do we manage people any differently in a globally competitive environment?


Hi All I want discuss abt Testing tools is any one available online in google chat?


src name sex a,male b,female c,male d,female Required output : male female a,b c,d tried pivot but was not successfull select * from src pivot (max(name) for sex in ('MALE','FEMALE'));


What is exception bubbling ?


How does HDFS ensure Data Integrity of data blocks stored in HDFS?


Hi Everybody, I have one fixed width file as source and 4 oracle tables (relational) as target. What are the Unit test cases i need to implement ? 1.Using TextPad software i tested postion of the field 2.As per specification i tested like whether it is correctly mapped or not? Is there any other test case do i need to implement. If possible can any one give me the test cases Advance Thanks