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Call Centre Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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What is the minimum qualification to get call centre jobs. What will be the expected salary 4 a fresher.

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Why should we hire you?

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Tell me about a suggestion you have made?

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Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.

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Describe your management style.

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tell me about ur favourite colour

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If they ask where you want see in next 2 years, then wat should i say?

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Tell me someting about paper weight?

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what is the difference of customer service and contact service?

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tell me something about your memories in your life?

3 18908

Tell me something about urself ?

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How did you go about planning for a recent event/project you handled?

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What is your future plans

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why did you want to join the call centre?

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Un-Answered Questions

For group 1 , 2 whather i have to prepare my technical or general studies etc? and im graduate in ee engg. for wht posts im eligible for? please tell me!


Can any one suggest how to write the bug reports effectively by optimizing what we want to describe?


Giving fire call access and extending fire call access by using VIRSA’s VFAT tool? can u brief give the explanation


"EOleSysError : Error loading type library/DLL" . what does this error mean?


What are the hierarchy relevant parameters?


Why does it take so long to detect that the peer died?


What is the use of The Code Definition window?


how many types of bytes are there???


I have cleared SBT clerk exam and having interview on 29.I have completed my in IT.I would like to know the types of questions asked in the interview.


how to add a new records into source?


what is netweaver


What is the master data necessary before you can start posting in MM?


If Polarization index of motor 8.75 at 500volts of medium voltage 4.16 KV motor what this mean winding good or bad pl answer if any reffrence book give me the link


How to post salary advance transfer from one branch to another branch ?


Is it possible to change menu runtime using API? If yes Specify the function names?


Call Centre Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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