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Call Centre Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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which thing is most necessary for international cal center? how can i improve my voice and accent ?


what do yoy mean by call centre, how many types of call centre,

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Choose the easiest topic if u get an opportunity to choose urself.

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what are the qualities and role of cro in a office.

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what is your career aspect & if they asked in general what should i answer?


what is the difference between coustomer service & satisfaction.

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what do you know about bpo?

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Why do you want to join Wipro /BPO/Call Center?

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What do you mean by interview?


what is insurance


why do u want change u r org


why you are opting BPO jobs if you having a degree of MSc?


Who is your role model

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what are main common mistakes makes in interviews

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Where do u want to c urself in next 5 years in Genpact?( or any company)

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Hi every body my name is Purushottam Kumar I am newly jobholder or fresher in sales and marketing.Plz help me how to do the better performance in this sector?I would be thankful for your cooperation. Purushottam.


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Call Centre Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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