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Cadila Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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How to calibrate glassware against std calibrated glassware?

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why there is a need of optical activity & specific optical activity measurement by polarimeter

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What is normality

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What is diffrence between residue on ignition and sulphated ash?

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Why sulpuric acid only used to ROI but not used nitric acid and some other acids?

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How to select buffer for HPLC mobile phase

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what is difference between IR & FTIR ? how we calibarte both ? I want to know the procedure.

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difference between IR& FTIR

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priciple of gc & hplc? (properly describe)

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wt is rsd in and explain

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How to prepare 50 ppm ammonia solution form 25% ammonia solution?

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why ph electrode is storing in KCL solution?Why the pH max is 14.0?

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in hplc calibration we are using 0.05% acetone why we are using that one and what happen when its conc increases or decreases

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what is basc principle of the HPLC,IR,UV AND GC? what is difference between diffusion spectra and transmision spectra in IR?

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Cadila Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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