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CA WinRunner Interview Questions
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How winrunner recognise window/object apart from GUI map file?

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What is the Winrunner Framework in your organisation?

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Hi, Currently i am using winrunner for my project.Its a java project. When i am running the script its failing in cliking an image link("My Profile"). The image object is eventhough exists in GUI map editor script is failing to recongize the object. I am getting the error of "Web_image_click:"My Profile" Error:Object is not found". I recorded the script and executed it is not running it shows the same error. The following physical description displaying in GUI map editor : { class: object, MSW_class: html_rect, html_name: "My Profile" } The thing was running successfully, I could not able to identify something happen to the script its showing error. Please give solution for this problem. Let me know if need more information. Regards, Sankar

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CA WinRunner Interview Questions

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