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Bosch SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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while uploading a flat file through bdc call trans, then the system get CRASHED. how do i know how many records have been updated.

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what exact functionality of the END-OF-SELECTION event? and in a report im using the END-OF-PAGE and END-OF-SELECTION events which one will triggers first?

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how can i transport a idoc from development system to production system? in idoc we are doing bd64 for distribution model view is it mandatory for idoc? and is it possible without creating a distribution model view we can generate a idoc?

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In Scripts How to maintain value like 1234- instead of -1234?

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what are the problem we face during development( if we say v are in support(development)? what are the critical problems araises during LSMW updation and Smart form layout development for involce and po? very very important questions now a days commonly asking..plz plz reply me


can u call sub screen with in a sub screen? if so, then explain the flow of PBO and PAI between 2 sub screens.

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Bosch SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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