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Bosch Interview Questions
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1)you have multiple source system where u receive files ,how do you actually load into mapping using transformation,what are the transformation you use? 2)you have files in ftp location ,how do you get it into mapping with you ETL concept?


In Crystal Report, I created one report and i change the modification due to user request. Normally the crystal report document will be saved in .rpt file. ->Now i saved the Modification document on pdf Format and saved in my Desktop. ->Normally what ever we change the modifications it will reflect and update in Data base. * Now my question is How user will see the modification requirement in crystal report and where the document saved in crystal report? Kindly suggest


In my universe, I deleted Year object again i re-create the New Object named as "Year" in the same universe. How the document will be generate before deleted and after deleted in web intelligence rich client?


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Bosch Interview Questions

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