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HGS Interview Questions
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i want to know about call center interviews question

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when i went to a call center she asked me. where u want to see after few years?

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What are the advanatages of RMI ?

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Do your skills match this job or another job more closely?

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why you want to come into call centre feild?

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why do you want to join call center

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Who was the Governor-General when the Revolt of 1857 took place? 1 Lord Hardinge 2 Lord Dalhousie 3 Lord Canning 4 Lord Elgin

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Tell me about your most memorable moment.

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speak for 2 minutes on some topic

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just a minute round on water, coffee, energy, newspaper,Dreams,television,window, hair, smile, pocket money,

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What kind of salary you are expecting from our organization? How can we tell amount of salary in the case of different companies.?

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Tell me something about your hometown.

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Speak on a memorable moment in your life for 5 mnts?

49 474201

Tell me the story of the last movie u saw?

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What is your daily routine?

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