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Blue Star Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the chiller and working principal


DG B-check,C-Check,D-check is depending upon the running hrs.If the running hrs is not reached as mentioned.How to conduct the DG checks.

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what is the formula for converting KW into KWH ?

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How star and delta connections inherently eliminate triplend harmonics?

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2. What are the parameters of EHT sub-station?

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what is the chemical name and formula of refrigarent R-134a.


what is power factor?

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what is -24vDC and how can generate this -24vDC

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The following equipment are installed ia a plant 1. 110KW Induction motor 4 Nos 2. 30 HP motor 3 Nos 3 15 HP Motor 3 Nos 4 7.5 HP motor 4 Nos what is total load of plant if one of each is stand by.

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what will happen when square wave is fed into input side of 3kva transformer and what you will get on output side.

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fuses rated by amperes but not power,why?

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is it necessary for 200 kva transformer to have marshaling box and cu plate earthing for neutral

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How to calculate the current carrying capacity of sized cables, and there is any formula. please send to ''

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1 hp is equal to how much watt?


A parallel flow heat exchanger will perform better than a counter flow heat exchanger. State if the statement is true or false.


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