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Blue Star Interview Questions
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what is mutex?

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what is the refrigerent

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what will happen when square wave is fed into input side of 3kva transformer and what you will get on output side.

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what is the working principle of thrust pump in centrifugal chiller.


How to calculate the current carrying capacity of sized cables, and there is any formula. please send to ''

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Please tell about the water type h.v.a.c with it's cycle and functions of each parts ?show me how talented u r?


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Un-Answered Questions

For plate load test why we are applying pressure 3 times the proposed allowable bearing pressure? Is there any supporting standards for this?


I'am accountant working in a trading concern. I wish to become an accountant in a manufacturing/construction company.are there any books available in the market from which I can get an Idea as to how accounts are prepared and maintained for a manufacturing/construction company.


What is meant by impedance? difference between high & low impedance ?


In automation process timer based automation is best or not? any other possible methods are available


What is the angle of inclination for the oil connection from transformer conservator to Bucholz relay and why?


which fat soluble vitamin has co-enzymic function?


why development length = 50D . why not 100D


How did you design your unit tests?What about integration tests?


How generating electric power export to grid from the generating station ?


I'm currently placed in Lahore Pakistan. where can i do Microsoft certification. let me know the best place to do.?


how to find three phase complex power in per unit and MVA?


plz send me paper of mppgcl 2008 or experience posted by any candidate


What is Run codes?


How to debug an Apache Shared Module?


differences between pass by reference and pass by value in c language?


Blue Star Interview Questions
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