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Bharti Interview Questions
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What is the most effective team you have ever been a part of ?

1 4280

what was ur role in team?

2 4497

How do you feel u contributed to its effectiveness?


Describe a time when u have taken on a particularly challenging or stretching target. What made it so nchallenging for u?

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What is VTS?

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If not into production, how far did you follow the design and why did not you see it into production?


Which of the following States in India is landlocked ? (a) Orissa (b) West Bengal (c) Maharashtra (d) Haryana

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What is the latest version in QTP?

55 44115

tell me about yourself ?

57 252055

What is a difference between ISDN PRI & Channelised E1 ?

4 11213

. India has (1) 15 states (2) 21 states (3) 29 states (4) 26 states

4 5141

Why You Have Chosen Sales Profile?

8 18384

what are the types of basic earthing?and why we are doing that?

3 5266

what is markiting.

11 9670

there is no question but the things is I ave MTI(mother tongue influnce)so can you's kindly help out how to overcome my disability.

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