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Bharti QTP Interview Questions
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What is the latest version in QTP?

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wat is d diffr btw shunt coil and trip coil in VCB?


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Hi friends,could sombody plz suggest me the website of History with audio (which can be hereable)plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help. Because i m going to appear WBSSC exam very soon its improtent.Plz send me to (


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4. How many dimensions did you use in your reports?


hi frnds,i'm srinivasa murthy.i've been selected for the interview by karnataka bank(clerical post).will u pls help me with some sample questions that will b asked in the interview? mail to or if u have free SMSs, message me to 9008874244.thank u a lot.


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Hi, in Vendor Master i put in defualt data material in purchasing group in sap. now i want to report or list only purchasing group wise vendor only like subcontractor vendor list only how to get this?


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Bharti QTP Interview Questions
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